Our Goal:
The Michigan Horse Council wants all State legislators to be aware of the numerous equine activities that take place in Michigan. We also want to stress the importance and value those activities have to the people and tourists of the state.

Short Description of the Day
In the morning of May 8, 2018, we will meet in the Mackinac Room to hear speakers and receive general information. Thereafter, we will divide into teams (each with a captain) to prepare a folder/packet to hand out to all legislators as we visit their offices in the afternoon.

  • The folder/packet will contain information on the equine industry
  • 2017 AHC / MI Economic Impact Study
  • Equine Activities, such as:
    • Trail Riding (State Equine Trails and Campgrounds)
    • Equine Sporting Events (Racing, Rodeo, Eventing, etc.)
    • Equine Exhibitions (Horse Shows and Exhibitions)
  • 2016 PA 288 and Its Impact on Equines
  • 4H / Youth / Equestrian Team Programs
  • Economic Benefits of Zoning for Equine
  • Equine As Part of the Pure Michigan Tourism Campaign

Each informational brochure that is put into the folder/packet will have a guest speaker who covers that topic during the morning session. Teams will visit their assigned Legislators’ offices, drop off informational material and thank whoever they meet with for their time. Afterwards, team captains will return to Mackinac Room with feedback forms.

We hope that you are able to join Don Packard on this day. Although each of you represent value in your chosen Equine discipline/industry, we hope you realize that there is strength in numbers and success in unity, as we are all driven by similar passions. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Don.